Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grandpa's Sacrifice - Motivational Story with Pictures

There lived a large group of frogs inside this well. All except one were young and bubbly. The old frog was fondly called grandpa by the younger frogs. The old frog was very loving and caring by nature.

Dialogue: Hi! Grandpa, a very good are you?
Old frog: I'm fine dear. How are you doing?

One day, due to some unknown reason, the frogs started quarrelling among themselves. They began abusing each other. The quarrel took a serious turn and the frongs started beating each other. In this fight several frogs started bleeding profusely. The news reached grandpa. He rushed to the spot immediately. He began to pacify the noisy crowd. No one paid heed to his advice. On the contrary, they started shouting at him.

Grandpa: Stop fighting all of you. Don't hurt each other... it is not good. We should love and respect everyone.

Younger frogs: O not again! Another lecture... ooh! Please go away you oldies, don't poke your dirty nose in our affairs.

Grandpa: But ...listen to....

younger frogs: O just shut up and go!

One morning, as per his daily routine, a farmer dropped a thick rope into the well. The younger frogs got irritated once again with the same old action of bucket dropping.

An irritated young frog: Damn this farmer. Irritates me everyday with that same kichuk, kichuk of the pulley. Looks like my ears will pop-off one day.

Another young frog: You are right. He does not let me sleep peacefully.

Third frog: We should drive him away from this place.

All the young frogs: Yes,yes.

Grandpa: We should never indulge in those actions that cause pain to others.

All the young frogs: Not again!

Thereafter, the frogs started shouting in chorus, whenever the farmer came to the well to fetch water. One day when he was standing by the well and crying due to his inability to water his field, a fisherman offered to help him out.

Fisherman: Don't worry. I know how to bring these frogs on the right track. Just wait and watch. I will spread my net slowly in the well and you will see for yourself, how these nuisances get trapped in it.
Farmer: Lets hope it happens!
Fisherman: Now let us go home. We will come back after a few hours.

The fisherman returned after 4-5 hours. All the frogs had by now been trapped in the net.
Fisherman: Have a look for yourself. Didn't I tell you, my plan never fails me. See how they are shouting for help. Hold your patience for a few more minutes before you are all finally here.

As soon as the fisherman stretched out his hands to hold the net, the entire net came crashing. The reason... the joint that held the net to the rope tore off. All the frogs trapped inside the net fell back into the well. The fisherman took back his net with a sullen face. The farmer also became very disappoined at the turn of the events.

After the commotion settled into silence, the grandpa appeared in front of everyone. All the frogs realizing their mistake began apologizing to him.
Younger frogs: We are sorry grandpa. Please forgive us.

Grandpa finally spoke.
Grandpa: Listen! I started biting the rope when I noticed the net spread inside the well. While doing so, I lost my remaining teeth. Just have a look!
(Saying this grandpa opened his toothless mouth.) The net started moving upwards when only a little bit of rope was left to be bitten. I watched helplessly. However, your combined weight inside the weakened net helped you come back from the jaws of death.

Repentance took over the mischievous frogs. Grandpa had to undergo all the pain due to their misadventure.

All the younger frogs: we promise you Grandpa, from today onwards, we shall be obedient to our elders, respect them and take care. We shall never humiliate them.

Thereafter, all the frogs started living happily, in peace and harmony. The farmer also heaved a sigh of relief and never toubled them again.

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