Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Friend in Need - Motivational Story with Pictures

Once upon a time there lived four friends in a forest. They were very different from each other; yet, they were best friends and always came to each other's help when required. The friends were: a mouse, a crow, a deer, and a tortoise. This is a story of how these friends, who normally would have been natural enemies helped each other against their biggest enemy - Man, who was a hunter.

One-day, the mouse, crow, and deer were gossiping under a ree. They suddenly heard a scream. It was their friend, the tortoise! He was trapped in a hunter's net. "Uh oh!" exclaimed the deer fearfully, "what do we do now?" "Don't be afraid" said the mouse, "I have a plan" and the three friends huddled together and decide on their plan of action.

The deer ran towards the hunter who was standing close to the tortoise caught in the net. He reached there without the knowledge of the hunter, and lay down in his path as though he was dead.

The crow flew towards the deer and acted as though he were pecking at the deer. The hunter picked up the net and started walking home, when he suddenly laid eyes on the wondrous sight of a dead deer. "Hey, here is a deer, he thought to himself all ready for me" he put down his net and walked towards the deer.

The crow continued circling the deer, and flapping his wings furiously whenever the hunter tried to push him away.

In the meantime, the mouse hopped to the tortoise and started chewing the threads of the net. As the crow kept the hunter at bay, the mouse freed the tortoise. As soon as the crow saw that the tortoise was free, he let out a loud caw and flew away.

The deer suddenly got up and ran! The hunter stood stunned and decided to go back to the tortoise, only to see that his net was torn and the tortoise had escaped. "If only I hadn't been so greedy" he thought to himself.

The four friends met again under the tree, and could not stop laughing at the trick that they had played on the hunter. Oh! What good friends they were, always there to help each other!

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