Monday, November 14, 2011

Think before you act - Motivational Story with Pictures

Once upon a time in Ujjain, there lived a poor Brahmin called Laxmidas. Twice everyday, at morning and again in the evening, Laxmidas used to give religious discourses and perform puja to eke out a living.

After some time, by the grace of God, a bony baby boy was born to Laxmidas and his wife. The couple's happiness knew no bounds and despite their poverty they were very content. Just a look on their son's face would get Laxmidas and his wife smiling.

Laxmidas used to have a mongoose as pet, which he used to treat as well as his own son. The mongoose too was very devoted to his master. Such was the trust between them that when Laxmidas and his wife were away the mongoose used to look after the baby boy.

One day, Laxmidas was away for a religious discourse at a neighboring village. His wife too had to go out, to the nearby river for water. While going out, Laxmidas' wife asked the mongoose to look over the baby.

When she left the house the baby was fast asleep in his cradle. The mongoose climbed on top of the cradle to keep vigil and guard his master's son. He used his elevated position on the cradle to keep a watch out for any enemies which might be lurking around.

Suddenly, a long and green snake slithered into the room where the baby lay in his cradle. With its long, thin tongue springing in and out in a rather menacing manner the snake looked very sinister and dangerous. The mongoose wasted no more time and pounced upon the snake. A bloody battle ensued between the two.

The commotion and noise of the fight woke up the child, who watched the battle, craning his neck over the cradle. Finally, after quite a while, the brave mongoose emerged victories and the sinister snake bit the dust, defeated. The mongoose too was tired after the fight. At this juncture Laxmidas' wife returned with, carrying water in an earthen pot. The mongoose, as was its usual practice, scampered up to here and licked her toes to point towards his victory.

However, the mongoose's mouth and tongue were bloody after its fight with the snake. Seeing blood on her foot, Laxmidas' wife immediately feared the worst and thought that the mongoose had killed her son. She threw the pot full of water on the small mongoose, killing it instantly. She rushed into the house and then realized here mistake.

Her son was ok, and she realized that the devoted little mongoose had actually saved her son. She realized that she had committed a big folly by acting without thinking or having patience to cross check here suspicions. The woman cried pitiably, angry and disappointed with hereself for the cruel act.

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