Friday, November 11, 2011

The Lazy Fish - Motivational Story with Pictures

In a lake there were three fish.

The first fish, Udhyami was very brave. The second fish, Madhya was very smart. The last fish Arsue, on the other hand slept all day long.

One day Udhyami was swimming around the lake when she saw some fishermen on the lake. She immediately rushed back to Madhya and Arsue and said, "The fishermen are coming over to this side of the lake! Hurry, we should swim into another lake".

Madhya then calmly responded by saying, "When the fishermen put the net down then I'll leave." Arsue replied in a sluggish voice, "I'm going to stay right here. I'm tired, so let me sleep!" After hearing this, Udhyami tried really hard to make them understand why it was important to leave, but they just would not listen. So Udhyami left to get away from the fishermen.

Within a short time, the fishermen reached the spot where Madhya and Arsue were.

When the fishermen put their net in the water, Madhya swam away as quickly as he could. Lucky for him, he escaped just in time.

The fishermen began to lower the net into the water. It touched Arsue and with this, she woke up. She looked around and realised she was in the fishing net! She tried to escape but it was too late. She was trapped. As the fishermen pulled the net back up, she thought to herself, "If only I had listened to Udhyami, I would not be stuck in this net!"

Poor Arsue! If she had not been sleeping all day she would have been saved.

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