Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick Or Treat? - Sacred Quotes

"Hark! Hark to the wind! 'Tis the night, they say, When all souls come back from the far away - The dead, forgotten this many a day!" - Virna Sheard

"Where there is no imagination there is no horror." - Arthur C Doyle

"'Tis now the very witching time of the night, when churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out Contagion to this world." - William Shakespeare

"From ghoulies and ghosties And long-leggedy beasties And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us!" - Scottish Saying

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion." - Henry David Thoreau

"It's Halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare." - Sheriff L Brackett

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