Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Grandfather … A story of Grandson in his own words!

For Christmas my Grandfather bought me a compass, yes a compass! To go in my car. It sits on my dash board so I know which direction I am going. On Boxing Day he sat with me in my car lining up the poles and checking that my new acquisition was telling the truth.

My Grandfather was the most selfless person I know.

In my whole life I cannot ever remember him doing anything for himself. He would always be busy finding something out, working something out, building something -he practically changed the entire floor plan of my Grandparent's house on my Grandmother's command! Until last year aged 88 he would be up my parent's apple tree for the yearly apple harvest, and he made the best bread! If someone needed something he would be there taking it to them or collecting it for them. At any frenzied family occasion with the house full, my mother baking, cleaning, organizing, my sister fussing with my nephew. My nephew enjoying the new concept of a wooden spoons, pots, pans and LOUD noise! My Grandmother demanding she tell you about some area of interest in the Cotswolds. My Brother-in-law playing with Sammy's (the afore mentioned nephew) toys or watching the Simpsons (he is actually a very smart guy, I think he is trying to disguise he intellect!) and my father playing his Guitar surrounded by the guitar owners compulsory Eric Clapton/ Beatles song books. My Grandfather would be the calm in the middle of the storm. He would never ask for anything, the washing up would be done and put away before you could blink, you would turn around and anything that needed fixing would be fixed. He would often come out with an interesting fact about something you were doing or looking at, in a 'just in case you wanted to know' way which, for a moment, would remind you of all the things he has quietly done throughout his life. If you mentioned you were interested in something he would unassumingly go away, research it and come back with loads of helpful information which would end up being the success of whatever task you were trying to complete.

He was gentle and kind, thoughtful, caring, considerate, practical and productive. A true gentleman at all times, and was the only person in the world I could describe as Stoic. He was always busy completing a job, and making sure it was done properly. Everything he did, he did wholeheartedly, properly and with true care. His life took him to many different places but he made sure he got the best of all those places and that they got his best too.

So yesterday, sitting in my car, I realised that he had not left me with a piece of plastic that told me whether I was going North or South, but now, every time I am in my car it reminds me if my life is going in the direction I want? If I am the person I wanted to be? And if not, that I can change direction at any time and hopefully ensure I make a difference in the world in the same way he did.

I think you can buy 'car' compasses in Halfords and I highly recommend purchasing one.

Always make sure your life is going in the direction you want, whether in fitness, work, or any aspect of your world. And, if it isn't, with confidence, determination and excitement, change direction.

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