Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Be Patient

A man came out of his home to admire his new truck.
To his puzzlement, his three-year-old son was happily hammering dents into the shiny paint of the truck. The man ran to his son, knocked him away, and hammered the little boy's hands into pulp as punishment.
When the father calmed down, he rushed his son to the hospital. Although the doctor tried desperately to save the crushed bones, he finally had to amputate the fingers from both the boy's hands.
When the boy woke up from the surgery & saw his bandaged stubs, he innocently said, " Daddy, I'm sorry about your truck."
Then he asked, "but when are my fingers going to grow back?"
The father went home & committed suicide.
"Think about this story the next time someone steps on your feet or you wish to take revenge. Think first before you lose your patience with someone you love.
Trucks can be repaired. Broken bones & hurt feelings often can't."
"Too often we fail to recognize the difference between the person and the performance. We forget that forgiveness is greater than revenge."
People make mistakes. We are allowed to make mistakes. "But the actions we take while in a rage will haunt us forever".
Pause and ponder. Think before you act. Be patient. "Forgive & forget". Love one and all.

Have a Wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Superb story. I appreciate moral of the story.

But I want to add few words :

“We are not boy – and in a serious project once it is delivered – we can not repair it.

I am not against “Forgot & Forgiveness” – But as a matured person everybody must understand what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Sorrowful ending.....great learning value. TO ERR IS HUMAN, instead of giving up after the mistake, I feel father would have gone and faced the reality, sincererly expressed his feelings as you cannot change what you have done & learn from mistakes and repay back in actions by becoming now HIS childs HANDS and change for GOOD. Not many in life have courage to ACCEPT mistakes and CHANGE them. Life is a JOURNEY towards being an balanced human, every time you fall you get up and change your actions, words or deeds towards building a healthy self and healthy society.

We need to work on the triggers which result into such wild unhuman actions. If we can focus on starting point, we will be able to have better control over our actions. PREVENTION BETTER THAN CURE.

What do we feel could be reasons behind such ACTIONS FROM FATHER?

Enjoy lovely weekend ahead and keep smiling.